Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nature's Music

In case you didn't already know, I have been secretly and subconsciously obsessed with storms and inclement weather ever since I can remember.  Tornadoes make their appearance in at least half my dreams.  There is just something about storms that is exciting to me.  I can almost feel the adrenaline entering my system every time I see a big front coming in.

Madagascar has offered me something different.  It hasn't rained much at all in Mahajanga since I've been here.  I have hardly seen a cloud, but now with the rainy season creeping in, I have been awoken by storms the past couple of nights.  These storms are different though.  They aren't as exciting, like the storms in the midwest, but more soothing than anything.  Rather than a sharp cracking, the rolling thunder always seems like a distant rumbling even if I can hear it only a split second after I see the lightning.  The rain itself has been heavy at times, but it's chorus against the mud is always accompanied by tinkling on the metal roof just outside my window.  This natural symphony is great to wake up to, even at 3 in morning, but let's be real, I only hesitate a moment before going right back to sleep.

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