Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dinner Time


So finally, after over a month of hearing this at least twice a day, I understand the words that have been calling me to meals.  For this entire month I thought what my sister was calling was “Manambady” which is the verb to be married.  I was confused by this because I knew it could not be true.  For a month I wondered about this.  Admittedly for only about 5 minutes after it was said, because then I lost my thought in the meal.  Finally, last night it was just something I couldn’t let go.  So I asked what Emma was calling.  Again, it sounds like Manambady.  So I ask again, because I assume my mother doesn’t understand what my question is.  After a brief, painful, re-explanation of my question, I am explained that what she is calling is not in fact a simple single 4 syllable word, but actually 8 syllable “Hihinana ny vary aho” which means “I will eat the rice.”  It’s going to be a long learning process..

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