Friday, August 23, 2013


Thursday 8/22/2013

I wanna give a quick shout out to my sister Rebekah.  We gotta set up a skype/facetime date stat when I get there, so I’ll have to send you an email regarding specifics.

I’m currently writing from the London ayerport.  With a 9 hour layover after a 6 hour flight, we continue our journey with an 11 hour flight to Johannesburg and a skip over to the island nation.  Luckily we got to spend part of it at a pub just down the tube a couple of stops, which was nice to get out and stretch our legs.

The flight was a little terrible, aside from watching all the Disney movies I could find, it was hot on the plane.  If you know me, you’ll know I sweat like a Walrus wrapped in heating blankets staked to a bon fire so that was incredibly uncomfortable, and I am sure unbearable for the people around me, regardless of how good any grown man think their musk smells better than the rest.  I also got the chance to test out one of my brother Jonathan’s theories during the longer international flight.  If you know my brother, you know he’s a pretty analytical and fairly emotionless person, unless of course he’s laughing at his own jokes, but he surprised me with a question a few weeks ago.  “Zach, do you get emotional during international flights?”  That of course floored me, so I respond with “uh, maybe?  I’m not really sure, why?”  And to explain he says “well, I just tend to cry at the end of the of some dramatic movies like Gran Torino.  And apparently, according to the internet, I am not the only guy that feels that way.  It an odd phenomenon that affects other men as well!”  Fortunately, I was not sobbing on my knees in the middle of the aisle way, but thank you for making me very self-conscious the entire flight Jonathan.

Finally, I just wanted to close with saying that I am going to be thinking very much of all the other volunteers that are going to their respective countries as we Malagasy make our own journey.  It is crazy to think how close you can become to 60 other people just bonding over the unknown experience that everyone is on the verge of embarking on.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as well.


I say “mada” you say “gascar”!!




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