Friday, August 23, 2013

A Malagasy Welcome

Greetings from Madagascar!

After 36 hours of traveling we are finally here!  First of all I want you to meet the MadaLife crew.  Thats me (in case you didn't already know) to the far left who looks like I'm mildly constipated, Anndi on top with the pink head band to the right of me, Molly in blue on bottom left, Ian to the right of Anndi, Karis just below her in red, then to the right is Anna and Tom the Bomb.  To the far right is Austin and Tanya Propst who are the country coordinators for the program, and probably some of the coolest people I have met.  Their energy and enthusiasm is getting me pump for an awesome year.

We are finally beginning to see what it means when we ask "Is the captital a big city?" and always receive the "ehhhhh" response to so many of our Malagasy questions.  There are rice patties in the middle of a sprawling metropolis of 2 million people!  

And of course soccer fields..

We move to the site of our 3 week orientation tomorrow after a welcome from the vice-bishop of the FLM (Malagasy Lutheran Church), so we'll be on the road for part of the day.  And boy does it get cold here at night, no wonder they stressed layers!  Look forward to updating you as I go.  Enjoy!


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